GSA purcheses - GSA buying Chinese pens


Amity Manufacturing Co. is a small manufacturing company that prides it eslf on having USA made products including writing instruments.

We used to supply 28 states and the GSA with our pens and markers.This was done through NIB( National Institute for the Blind ). We supplied all the pen components and the blind assemble and sold them to their resective states. A few years ago, Chinese pens started to come in and our pens were replaced by Mainly Chinese pens. We were left with markers for GSA.

A few months ago, NIB decided to replace our markers with Chinese ones. I complained to GSA and told them they have to follow the Buy America Act. They said they do. I told them NIB dies not follow the Buy America Act, so how can you say GSA follows the act when your vendor does not !!

This is oxymoron, it can not be. They said they have to buy from NIB because of some Wagner Act. So my last 4 employees working with pens went home and 4 Chinese workers were hired in China while i am struggling to keep the doors open for my other 8 employees. This is not right.

GSA should tell NIB to go back using Amity's markers. President Obama says he wants to bring American manufacturing back..

It this the way to do it? It just is not right.

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